Massage is the most natural and instinctive form of caring for babies. New-born baby experience the world through their senses, such as touch, smell, taste, sound and vision. These senses are developing gradually, but from the moment of birth the baby already understands the language of touch. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Massage helps to create a unique bond between the parents and the baby.
  • Gives confidence for first time parents.
  • Relaxes both the baby and the mother/father.
  • Mothers who suffer from post-natal depression feel more positive when they experience their baby’s response to the massage.
  • Massage helps parents to be aware of their baby’s body and the developmental changes they going through.
  • Regularly massaged babies develop their motor skills quickly.
  • Improved circulation, healthy skin and a strong immune system.
  • As the baby relaxes during the massage, their muscles relax which, in return, can help easing colic pain and constipation.
  • Baby massage is highly therapeutic. It can help with several ailments throughout early childhood.


We offer periodic workshops at our studio in Putney. In these 90-minute workshops, under our instructor's supervision, you will learn the skills and techniques in order to be able to massage your baby safely at home.


Use the interactive timetable below to discover when our next workshop will take place.


Due to space limitations, our in-studio workshops have a maximum capacity of seven. The workshops cost £30 and must be booked online in advance. For more information, send an email to