Postnatal Massage at Yoga Mama Wellness


Having a baby is physically and emotionally demanding. A massage for new mums is not just about alleviating aches and pains, but is also a chance to get out of the house and have some time (even if it is only an hour) for themselves. All the worries can be temporarily pushed into the back of their minds.

Physical touch helps to bring awareness back to the body, which needs just as much attention now than during pregnancy. Women, who used to have deep tissue massage, often find that postpartum they prefer to have a gentler, therapeutic massage. It helps to loosen up tight muscles and, at the same time, it induces deep relaxation.


Women can lie on their sides or back if their breasts are tender from breastfeeding. Usually the neck and shoulders need a good release; also a gentle abdominal massage can be beneficial as the digestive system is often sluggish after delivery.


As the body needs to heal and adjust to physiological and hormonal changes, it is recommended to wait six weeks before having a massage. However, this depends very much on the individual; as with pregnancy and childbirth, recovery time differs. If in doubt as to whether it is too early to have a massage, it is good idea to ask your midwife and massage therapist for advice.


The following appointment slots are available:

  • 90 minutes – £92
  • 60 minutes – £64
  • 45 minutes – £53
  • 30 minutes – £38

A 10% discount is available on block bookings.


We offer Postnatal Massage treatments in conjunction with The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy. To book a treatment, book online or call us on 020 8789 3881.

Book a Postnatal Massage treatment via The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy online booking system
To book a Postnatal Massage call us on 020 8789 3881
Exclusive Offer: Get your first Postnatal or General class for £5
Yoga Mama Teacher Training


The Yoga Mama Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training School runs teacher training courses and Postnatal and Fertility CPD (Continued Personal Development) workshops. All courses and workshops are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Yoga Baba Clothing


This is an independent organic clothing company for babies. In collaboration with a London artist and yogi, we have produced our own unique range of baby clothing made from 100% organic cotton. These feature illustrated prints inspired by yoga and nature.

The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy


The award-winning Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy is a multidisciplinary centre is located within The Putneymead Group Medical Practice facility. It provides a complete cycle of care, from the treatment of pain and injury rehabilitation to mind-body well-being.

When I met Cherie, I felt like I'd finally found the teacher for me. In only one session a week, I quickly saw a change in both my energy levels and muscle tone. Cherie's classes are dynamic and leave you feeling like you've had a good work out.

Jemma Forte

TV Presenter & Writer

My Yoga Mama practice keeps me balanced, energised and sane. It takes a huge effort to drag myself out of bed on a Saturday morning. After practice, the stress and strains of the past week disappear and I feel strong enough to take on the world.

Karen Gill MBE

Tai Chi has helped me regain my balance, normal walking gait, confidence and control of my limbs after being diagnosed with a serious neurological illness. The teaching at Yoga Mama is first class and suits all levels of fitness.


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