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Tai Chi is a combination of moving, standing and sitting meditation exercises. These help those who practise it regularly to become stronger, healthier and happier. According to Harvard Medical School, it is one of the five best exercises. Indeed, scientific evidence verifies the healing potential of this widely practised traditional Chinese system of energy or Chi movements.The latest studies have shown that Tai Chi has a beneficial impact on health. Not only does it has a positive impact on the heart, bones, nerves and muscles, but also benefits immune system and the mind.


Our Tai Chi classes follow the Yang family system. This is the most widely practised Tai Chi system in the world. The slow natural graceful movements were once used as a powerful martial art system. Nowadays, they are now used to strengthen mind and body and, in addition, to help slow down the effects of ageing.

Our warm down consists of eight Treasures (Ba Duan Jin) Qi Gong. There are eight simple health preservation exercises from The Chinese Health Qi Gong Association. These enhance limb strength and joint flexibility; in addition to improving the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems.


Our Tai Chi classes are led by Michael Burke. They are suitable for all levels of skill and experience. To discover when these classes run during the week, please consult our timetable. We offer drop in places at a cost of £17 (subject to availability) and class passes (bundles of 6 classes) cost £90. Concessionary rates for Senior Citizens are available from reception. Book online or by calling us on 020 8789 3881. 1-2-1 Tai Chi classes are also available upon request.

Exclusive Offer: Get your first Tai Chi class for £5
General and Postnatal Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi class passes from Yoga Mama Wellness. 6 classes for £90.
Call us on 020 8789 3881 to book a General Yoga class
Yoga Mama Teacher Training


The Yoga Mama Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training School runs teacher training courses and Postnatal and Fertility CPD (Continued Personal Development) workshops. All courses and workshops are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Yoga Baba Clothing


This is an independent organic clothing company for babies. In collaboration with a London artist and yogi, we have produced our own unique range of baby clothing made from 100% organic cotton. These feature illustrated prints inspired by yoga and nature.

The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy


The award-winning Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy is a multidisciplinary centre is located within The Putneymead Group Medical Practice facility. It provides a complete cycle of care, from the treatment of pain and injury rehabilitation to mind-body well-being.

When I met Cherie, I felt like I'd finally found the teacher for me. In only one session a week, I quickly saw a change in both my energy levels and muscle tone. Cherie's classes are dynamic and leave you feeling like you've had a good work out.

Jemma Forte

TV Presenter & Writer

My Yoga Mama practice keeps me balanced, energised and sane. It takes a huge effort to drag myself out of bed on a Saturday morning. After practice, the stress and strains of the past week disappear and I feel strong enough to take on the world.

Karen Gill MBE

Tai Chi has helped me regain my balance, normal walking gait, confidence and control of my limbs after being diagnosed with a serious neurological illness. The teaching at Yoga Mama is first class and suits all levels of fitness.


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