Pregnancy is a great personal journey for any woman and is a time of mental and physical change. It can also be a challenging time, as adjustments need to be made as the body starts to change shape. For this reason, many women are now turning to pregnancy yoga. A pregnancy yoga practice can help address some of these mental and physical changes in a positive way. Women who practise yoga during pregnancy are able to be really present in their bodies and connect with their unborn child. In addition to this, yoga has a calming effect on the mother. This calm is also transmitted to the baby.


Yoga Mama Wellness is affiliated to the Yoga Mama Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training School. As a result, we specialise in Pregnancy Yoga at our studio in Putney, south-west London. We keep our classes small deliberately, with an average of 8-12 students per class. This allows for individual attention and support from our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, while also promoting a sense of community. During the week we offer several 60-minute classes, with 1:1 sessions also available.


We offer drop in places at a cost of £17 (subject to availability) and class passes (bundles of 6 classes) cost £90. Book online or by calling us on 020 8789 3881.

Breathing techniques learnt in pregnancy yoga can be used at any time during pregnancy. Focusing on the breath can have a profound effect. By learning to control the breath, women may feel empowered and more in control of their thoughts and body. Many women also find these techniques very useful when giving birth.

Pregnancy yoga differs from general yoga classes in several ways. Many classical poses are adapted to accommodate the changes in the body. For example, twists are open and poses are fluid and nurturing for the mum-to-be. This creates space in the body and helps to alleviate some of the common ailments often associated with pregnancy, such as: backache, heartburn, swollen limbs etc.

By practising yoga, the body becomes more strengthened and toned. Moreover, many women who practise yoga find that they regain their shape and fitness more quickly after giving birth. In addition, spending time in a pregnancy yoga class with other women can be an emotionally bonding experience. Many friendships are formed at this time.