Ashtanga Yoga is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga that was developed by Sri K. Patthabi Jois. Essentially, it is a set series of postures which link to the breath in a flow of movement. Each pose is linked and synchronised using a breathing system called ‘ujjayi pranayama’. The discipline of this system allows us to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves. This can be both an empowering and liberating experience, allowing us to move through life with a calmness and steadiness of mind and body.

On a more physical level, Ashtanga yoga is a very effective means of increasing strength and flexibility. Our classes are a great way to gain muscle strength and flexibility. In addition, it can also help you to improve your posture. This will not only help prevent injury (or re-injury), but may help you to achieve a mind-body connection.


Our Ashtanga Yoga classes are led by Senior Yoga Teacher Cherie Lathey. They are suitable for all levels of skill and experience. At present, we are currently not running any group Ashtanga Yoga classes. However, we do offer private 1:1 classes.


At this time, we are unable to take online bookings for private classes. If you would like to book a 1:1 session,  please call Cherie Lathey on 07939 589 083 or send an email to We offer single sessions and block bookings of 5 and 10 session. There is a 5% discount on blocks on 5 sessions, and a 10% discount on blocks of 10. For prices, visit our Timetable and Prices page.